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Garage Safari - Sunday September 17th
- Click here for a map of participants.

Event Planner


Date Time Event Where Tel. No.
9th September 10.30am Royal British Legion Coffee Morning St Mary's Church Hall Elham  
17th September   Garage Safari   01303 863537
23rd September 4pm Songs and Music ...and Tea Lyminge Methodist Church  
30th September 7.30pm "Almost Oktoberfest!" Lyminge Village Hall  
Sept/Oct   Flu Jabs at your surgeries    
2nd October   Lyminge Association AGM   01303 863737
7th October   First Aid or Adults Tayne Centre  
14th October 10am Etchinghill Village Cleanup Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 863164
14th October 7.30pm Fun Quiz Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 863164
21st October 10.30am Stream Clean Tayne Field 01303 863737
25th October 6pm Elham Christmas Market Elham Village Hall 07919 030077
28th October   First Aid for Baby & Child Tayne Centre  
4th November 10.15 Coffee Concert Lyminge Methodist Church 07813 071867
23rd November 5pm Lyminge Chirstmas Tree Lighting Up Laing Bennett 01303 863737
25th November   St Nicholas Fayre Lyminge Parish Church 01303 862073
26th November 5pm Etchinghill Christmas Tree Lighting Up Meriden Park 01303 863164
3rd December 7pm Etchinghill Residents Association AGM Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 863164


Day Time Event Where Tel. No.
Mon 10:00am Open House Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 863394
Mon 10.00am Bridge Club BC 01303 863177
Mon 10.30am Lyminge Larks (Singing) Tayne Centre 01233 750223
Mon 11am Cookery Jubillee Centre 01303 269602
Mon 2pm Computer Buddy (need to book) Lyminge Library 03000 413131
Mon 2:30pm Monday Fellowship Tayne Centre 01303 862164
Mon6 6.30pm Ballroom/Latin/Salsa Dancing Tayne Center 07966 751991
Mon 6.30pm Judo Club Lyminge Village Hall 01303 862946
Tue2 10.30am Baby and Toddler Group Tayne Centre 07564 130569
Tue 10am Sign to Nursery Rhyme Classes Etchinghill Village Hall 07800 737936
Tue 10.30am Art Class Jubilee Centre 01303 269602
Tue 11.15am Chairobics Jubilee Centre 01303 269602
Tue 6.45pm Short Mat Bowls Lyminge Village Hall 01303 862293
Wed 10:15am Mature Movers (Exercise) Tayne Centre 01303 862873
Wed 11.45am Pilates Tayne Centre 07825 109670
Wed 7:00pm French Conversation Grp. Korf House 01303 862972
Wed 7:30pm Cantores Domincae Choir Lyminge School Hall 07813 071867
Wed 8:00pm Scottish Country Dancing Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 862761
Thu 9.30am Baby Rhyme Time Lyminge Library 01303 862180
Thu 10:00am Rhodes Minnis Toddlers Group Rhodes Minnis Vallage Hall 01303 863096
Thu 10:00am Art Group – Morning Tayne Centre 01303 211364
Thu 11am Shopping trips to local Supermarkets Jubille Centre 01303 269602
Thu 2:00pm Art Group – Afternoon Tayne Centre 01303 862972
Thu 6.00pm Ballroom and Salsa Dancing Etchinghill Village Hall 07967 979610
Thu 6.45pm Short Mat Bowls Lyminge Village Hall 01303 862293
Fri 10am Talk Time Lyminge Library 01303 862180
Fri 11am Seated Exercise Jubilee Centre 01303 269602

2 - Term Time Only
6 - Except Bank Holidays


When Time Event Where Tel. No.
3rd Mon 7.00pm Etchinghill Cinema Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 863333
Last Mon   Parish Council Meeting See Newsletter  
1st Tue 10.30am Reading Group Lyminge Library 01303 862180
1st Tue 11am Reminiscence Jubilee Centre 01303 269602
1st Tue3 7:45 Lyminge Historical Society Talk/Event Tayne Centre 01303 862972
3rd Tue 9.45am Family History Lyminge Library 01303 862180
3rd Tue 2:30pm Etchinghill W.I. Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 863503
3rd Tues4 7.30pm Gardening Society Tayne Centre 01303 862264
1st Wed 10:30am Lyminge Friends Lyminge Methodist Church Parlour 01303 862598
2nd Wed 10:30am Mothers’ Union Nailbourne Court Lounge 01303 862221
3rd Wed 7:30pm Rhodes Minnis Evening Circle Rhodes Minnis Vallage Hall 01303 862913
Last Wed 7:30pm Quiz Night Coach & Horses 01303 862694
1st Thurs 7.30pm British Legion, Elham Branch Age UK 01303 862779
4th Fri 7:30pm Beetle Drive Rhodes Minnis Village Hall 01303 862616
Last Fri 1.30pm Team Quiz Jubilee Centre 01303 269602
1st Sat 10:00am Village Market Etchinghill Village Hall 01303 862819
2nd Sat 10:00am Postling Church Coffee Morning Postling Church 01303 863536
3rd Sat 8:00am Saturday Market Tayne Centre 01303 862164
Last Sat 10.30am Poetry Group Lyminge Library 01303 862180

3 - Except January, February, June & August
4 - Execpt January, February & August

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