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                                 From The Lyminge Association

                Christmas is

                com ing and it is

                going to be ver y

                diff erent this

                y ear......

       Villagers will be pleased to hear that The Lyminge Association will be supporting the usual festive trees and lights
       along the main street this year. The Association will be providing the large tree outside Laing Bennett (generously sup-
       ported by a Lyminge Parish Council grant) as well as all the smaller trees on houses with brackets attached to their proper-
       ties along Canterbury and Station Roads. The committee will be installing the trees and switching on the lights on Saturday
       21st November. Should there be any other houses that wish to have a bracket and tree, then please contact Adrian on
       862699. Unfortunately, there will be no formal switching-on of the lights or carol singing, as we have done in the past.
       We’ve also heard that Father Christmas has sent a special message to the young people of our community to say that he
       too has been affected by the corona-virus and has been asked to deliberately keep his visits to a minimum. So he will not
       be coming to switch on the lights and deliver any presents in the time leading up to Christmas, but he’ll make every effort
       to deliver the children’s presents on Christmas Eve.
       So as we move through autumn to winter, and the pandemic continues to run amok, we must not forget our neighbours
       and friends. In the spring it was a fear and sense of “We are all in it together“. However, things are different now and fear
       has been replaced with fatigue. The pandemic has exhausted us all, regardless of where we live or what we do. During
       the first lock-down, many people were focused on tackling this pandemic as a united community. This time people are
       worrying more about themselves, their survival along with their own needs. Whilst partially understandable, we must not
       let this attitude get in the way of supporting our friends and neighbours, not just for the week or the month but for the long
       haul until the virus is overcome or we develop a strategy to cope with it.
       So please remember to keep a watchful eye on those you feel may be vulnerable, physically or mentally, in the hope
       that we can put this behind us very soon.

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