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Covid Vaccinations

If you are over 18 years of age or are regarded as vulnerable, then you are more than likely to be eligible for a vaccination. Use the link below: 

Add in your NHS number and be prepared to book 2 appointments, one in the near future and the another 12 weeks later. Then turn up at the appointed time on the appointed day and off you go.

This can be done independently of a letter, phone call or text message from NHS. Although the site asks for this sort of information, you find it is not necessary and you can pass directly to the booking part of the website.

However to be warned to wrap up warm and keep dry since there is a likelihood that you will have to stand outside the building for a short time.
Once inside there is ‘a trail’ through the building as you pass eventually through registration and vaccination. The whole process is carefully marshaled with clear social distancing kept between individuals.

The more people receiving the vaccination, the greater chance we have of beating this virus.

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